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Leased Leadership Catalysis is the on-demand additional management resource for company founders, company owners, Directors, CEOs, CSOs and COOs in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, CRO-, and related services industries, who want to catalyze newly implemented or planned movements or projects in their organizations.

In analogy to chemistry, catalysis stands for the acceleration of your business "reaction", through the presence of a single small quantity of an additional "foreign" element during the transition, transformation or project implementation.

Working Languages

Proficiency at the negotiation level in English, German, French, and Dutch.


From office base in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, part time assignments can be performed everywhere in Europe, and full time missions can be performed in any country in the world.

With the present assignment progressing on time, next assignments can be discussed as from now. Please call +49-69-95-92-52-52, or contact us at E-Mail

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