Contact to Contract

From Business Development to Client Relationship Management in the Contract Research Industry

Location: Kempinski Hotel Falkenstein near Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Time: Monday 4 & Tuesday 5 May 2009
Fee: Euro 1800,- plus VAT if applicable

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With contract research volumes at an all-time high, CROs must match with equivalent talent and skill the professionalization of the sourcing function in the life sciences industry.

The current economic climate further enhances the need for optimal use of resources on both sides of the sourcing process.

This seminar will provide a valuable understanding of the mechanisms and psychology of the complex sale process, along with proven tasking schemes and practical work tools to improve effectiveness and increase yield.

These instruments are based on a wealth of experience dealing with buyers and sellers, but also on a thorough analysis of the best part of the literature that is presently available.

Designed as a personalized event for a small audience, the interaction with colleagues and peers will be a crucial additional benefit.


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